Eight Habits of the Heart

Our habit this month is High Expectations…

We are starting a little late this month, but we have a new local charity to support for February! It’s called The Demand Project (http://www.thedemandproject.org/WhatWeDo.aspx) they are local to Tulsa and help rescue rehabilitate children from human trafficking. They have a home for girls and have already made a huge impact. Most of their donations are in the form on money, but they do need in-kind donations as well. I am attaching the flyer of things they need here. To get the most donations possible, we will be collecting until Friday March 5th.  Please print off the flyer to post up and share with families in your newsletters. Share! Share! Share!

We won’t be dropping off Emergency Infant Services donations until next week, so you are welcome to keep bringing items.

Thank you all so much for your generous donations, this has been a really amazing year so far!


Casey Macpherson

High School English

Town & Country School