Town & Country School

Click on the names below for information about our staff members.


Loretta Keller- Executive Director

Denise Jurbala- 1st-8th Grade Administrator

Shevaun Etier- 9th-12th Grade Principal

Robin Klugh- Counselor 

Shelley Holmes-Community and Development Director

Tonya Stone- Student Affairs Coordinator

Cyndi Tolbert- Office Administrator

Karen Laub- Administrative Assistant

Courtney Taylor- Assistant PE Teacher

Lower School 

Kathy Roark- Educational Consultant

Debbie Douglass- Outback Teacher

Karen Grant- Outback Assistant

Kim Rogers- Coral Reef Teacher

Gail Little- Coral Reef Assistant

Kristy Bailey- Mountain Range Teacher

Eva Culp- Mountain Range Teacher Assistant

Kim Walker- Rainforest Teacher

Kaitlyn Hughes- Rainforest Assistant

Lisa Hilton Walling- Tropical Island Teacher

Britni Conley- Tropical Island Assistant

Carol Carlson- Educational Tutor

Middle School 

Angela Beatie- Creeks, 7/8 Math

Carol Case- Creeks Assistant

Lynn Creider- Seminoles, 7/8 Language Arts

Jean Gallo- Seminoles Assistant, 7/8 Language Arts

Morgan Linduff- Chickasaws, 7/8 Written Expression

Syndia Fahnestock- Chickasaws Assistant

Cassie Riggs- Cherokees, 7/8 Social Studies and Science

Savannah Kizzia, Cherokees Assistant

Upper School 

JamieLee Beuchat- Math

John Carle- History

Crystal Carey- English/Assistant Principal

Devin Cross- Science

Marsha Floyd- Science

Casey Macpherson- English

Catherine Smith- Math

Melody Moore- History

Shelley Baig- Math Assistant

Taylor Birkes- English Assistant

Shelly Friend- Math Assistant

Carol Giese- History Assistant

Sarah Logan- English Assistant

Rebekah Powell- Science Assistant

Shelby Reiter- Science Assistant

Autumn ForehandMedication Tech & Upper School Principal’s Assistant


Terri Bierre- Lower School Speech and Language Therapist

Rebecca Bishop- Middle School Speech Pathologist

Susie Briggs- Reading Specialist

Barabara Crawford- High School Speech Pathologist

Janet D'Arcy- Lower School Speech and Language Coordinator

Rebecca Deshong- Music

Emilie Meyer- P.E.

Ray Odor- Computers

Christian Schmidt- Librarian

Mark Wolfe – Art