Our Approach is Unique

Our mission is to improve the lives of students with learning differences by providing a nurturing environment for academic, social and personal growth.

Underlying Town & Country School’s approach to education is our recognition that each student is an individual. We believe that every child is entitled to individualized education that promotes social and academic achievements while developing responsibility, values and respect for self and others. We honor and encourage the unique talents of each child by providing interactive instruction that stimulates curiosity, discovery and a love of learning.

Town & Country’s program differs from“pull-out” or “inclusion” programs found in other schools. Our individualized approach eliminates the student’s fear of competing with other students who can think, read, write, communicate and perform in a more expedient manner. We focus on the child’s positive aspects and strengths instead of their deficiencies – thereby building their self-esteem and motivation.

Town & Country accepts students with Learning Disabilities, ADHD, and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Our students are bright, creative, and engaged. They also learn differently in ways Town & Country understands, supports, and celebrates.

Town & Country transforms lives.

If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, Learning Disabilities, or Autism Spectrum Disorder, please call us for a free special education consultation.

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"Our daughter comments on how the teachers already know her (even the ones that she doesn’t have for class), which makes her feel welcome and special."

Lisa Town & Country Parent

"Town & Country is a safe place where my kids can come and be completely themselves and learn at their own pace with teachers who get it and with other kids who accept them just the way they are."

Kari Town & Country Parent

"I was not the best student when I first came to T&C. I was lonely, non-social, and I didn’t have the best grades. I was afraid of what people thought of me and thought that being different from others was a bad thing. Now, it’s the exact opposite. I have friends, I’m social, and I’m graduating salutatorian. "

Ross Former Student